Tuesday, December 06, 2005

College Republican Madness in LC and Beyond

As many of you may have read on Joe's blog (here and here)I have recently been involved in some political activity regarding the impeachment of three hispanics in the local College Republican organization. They were the only three hispanic officers in the organization and they were impeached under questionable circumstances. One of them has written on her blog about the situation. As far as I and many others are concerned they were impeached for no other reason than that they were hispanic and disagreed with the organization's intention to officially endorse the minutemen (a citizen group that has taken it upon themselves to "protect" the US-Mexico border).

After hearing the details of the situation and the story surrounding the incident I decided that something should be done. As a first step I decided to write a letter discussing the issue and disseminate it as widely as possible. I sent it to newspapers, professors, the university president and a host of other political organizations and individuals. I have also discussed possible courses of action with an activist friend of mine.

I sent the letter out about ten days ago and since that time I have received a much larger and more positive response than I ever could have imagined, which is encouraging. I have received supportive letters from professors, political organizations, and activists. I was informed that my letter has been distributed and read at the meeting of an organization concerned with civil rights. I have also learned that that actions undertaken by the local Republicans is not an isolated event but is rather a part of a larger agenda of silencing opposition through scare tactics such as blacklisting professors and (as we have seen here) expelling members with opposing opinions.

In order to give those of you who may be interested in more specific details and insight into what is going on I have decided to publish the letter I sent on my blog. Do with it what you will.


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