Friday, April 22, 2005

Back to the Blogging

Well I've been away for awhile but I'm back and I think this time I'm just going to force myself to be a more consistent blogger. After making my first post I kind of got scared of baring myself so openly to the whole world. But then various things occurred to me. One, most of the people who are likely to read this thing are people who know me and probably won't be that suprised at anything I write. Two, I realised that I shouldn't be afraid of my own ideas. If I am concerned about my beliefs then perhaps the thing I need is an open forum for critcism.

That being said, I do have some reservations about the blog in general as a forum for sharing ideas. As I see it there is something very one sided about expressing your ideas in a blog. It is really up to the blogger to respond to any remarks and those remarks are hardly ever on the same page as the blog. As a way to vent or showcase ideas it seems like the perfect venue but it takes real effort to make your other readers aware of those criticisms. Of course, not everything on a blog has to be contoversial and I intend to put more mundane stuff on here as well (just to warn everyone). I had originally intended this to be a storehouse for my philosophical ideas but I realized just what I have been talking about. But not to worry, there will be plenty of that here as well.

But, enough metablogging. I'm back and I am going to make a genuine effort to keep up with it this time.


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